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When all seems lost, it’s up to one samurai shibe to suit up and avenge her owner.  Jump, slash, and combo your way through a barrage of enemies in a cyberpunk, auto-scrolling adventure that’s more than meets the eye. Or not...kinda depends on the eye I guess.


Space - Jump/Double Jump

A Key - Homing Attack

S Key - Reflect

D Key - Dash

Tips and Tricks:

  • Killing enemies while airborne resets your dash and double jump. Use this to stay airborne and rack up high combo counts!
  • Your combo counter will reset if you land on the ground, but NOT if you land on top of a police car! Try landing on cars and then jumping off of them to keep your combo counter going!
  • If you manage to get far enough you'll discover new areas within the city! Be wary though, the longer you play the faster the game gets!


Programming - Dylan Drain, Justin Sindecuse-Hayden

Art - Justin Sindecuse-Hayden

Usability - Christian Kim, Kobe Huang

Composers - John Paul Canal, Lauren Knott, Niccolo Pacella

Sound Design - Yushu Bao

3rd Party Assets:

Warped City by ansimuz (CC0 1.0)

Cyberpunk Street Environment by ansimuz (CC0 1.0)

Industrial Parallax Background by ansimuz (CC by 4.0)


WanWanMac.zip 52 MB
WanWanWindows.zip 43 MB

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